Groove – Michael Treadway


Instructor: Michael Treadway

groove is something that is felt and is the product of motion, not the actual act of striking a drum. in order to find our groove we will be essentially focusing on our own body’s movement throughout whatever exercise/activity we are working on, clearing our minds while meditating on the motion of the music.

this won’t be your usual djembe drum circle!

michael will introduce participants to this concept and develop it through different “activities”, like rhythmic games, body drumming, and learning to play the shaker.

“I am discovering more and more that groove is the product of truly listening to what is going on around you while remaining relaxed and focused on Music’s motion. I find that lately when I play with music, I practice existing in the space between the tip of my stick and the eardrum perceiving the sound. Having a clear mind helps this process and focusing/meditating on our motion is one method for quieting our minds while achieving feel and groove.”
Photo credit: Aditya Sahay / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

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