Brandy Lynn Maslowski

Brandy Lynn is a Quilt Teacher, Speaker, Judge and the new host of Canadian Quilt Talk. She was the 2013 Artist in Residence at the Summerland Art Gallery. Her past art shows have featured vibrant fibre art landscapes as well as pictorial and abstract fibre art. Her patterns and workshops are a refreshing mix of traditional quilting with a touch of art. She now has 2 patterns available and an exciting series of quilting and fibre art workshops. Her keynote lectures include; A Quilter’s Journey (trunk show), That Silly Social Media, and Studio Magnificent. When she’s not travelling to teach at quilting events, she spends her time researching, interviewing and having some good old fun with expert special guests for the Canadian Quilt Talk podcast.

In her trunk show “A Quilter’s Journey,” Brandy Lynn shares her story of a challenging, successful, yet spirit crushing career as a female fire fighter. It was a journey of exhaustion and triumph, of camaraderie and hostility, and finally a path to healing that has forced her to grow physically and spiritually in ways she could never have imagined. In her comforting and creative studio she has discovered her true passion and delved deep into the remarkable worlds of quilting, fibre art and writing with Brandy Lynn Designs.