Brian Harris

Brian Harris was born in Barrie, Ontario, in 1951. At the age of twenty-one, he began his lifelong pursuit and interest in photographing traditional cultures when he traveled to Mount Athos in Greece and then to Jerusalem. Subsequent Asian trips have taken me to Tibet on three occasions, Thailand, China, Korea, Sikkim, Nepal and four trips to India.

The Tibetan Voices Project, India Eye to Eye Exhibition, and the Himalayan Visions multimedia show arose from his desire to benefit the people and traditions that are the source of his images and spiritual inspiration. His latest Beauty & Transformation multimedia show, along with the previously mentioned projects, raised funds for Seva Canada’s sight projects in Asia and Africa.

Brian’s work with FarmFolkCityFolk from 2007-2011 was a deeply satisfying experience. In addition to the beauty he found on farms and in backyards, he spent a lot of time with a group of farmers and growers that he has no hesitation in calling heroes.


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