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Zen Meditation – Tom Ashton

Zen is a sitting meditation practice, practiced under the guidance of an experienced teacher. In Penticton we have a small group of dedicated persons who come together for meditation and authentic zen practice. Personally I have been active in zen meditation in the Sanbo Zen lineage for 18 years. My original teacher, Sr. Elaine MacInnes Zen Roshi (Roshi means old teacher) states: “The practice of zen offers something simple, direct and accessible to anyone seeking stillness and peace of mind in this busy, frantic world. When we seek and find this peace for ourselves, we then have what it takes to offer it to those around us. The whole of Zen discipline is to make us come alive to the present. When we are sitting, we concentrate on our breathing. Away from our cushion, we are one with our activity.” If you wish to explore this method of contemplation we have set aside 1 hour and 15 minutes for practice meditation and shared discussion on Sunday Oct 25 from 10:45 to noon. Your are most welcome. Tom Ashton (Local zen teacher)

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Satsang – Parama MacLeod

The word Satsang means literally, “in the company of the wise”- the wise being, those who seek a deeper meaning in life. Satsang is a time of prayer, reflection and chanting – a time to be holy.

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Dru Yoga – Cindi Tomochko

Activate, Renew and Relax with Dru Yoga

Yoga of the Heart: designed to restore and revitalize. Dru comes from the Sanskrit word “dhruva” which refers to the still point within. No matter what is going on internally or externally, we are able to respond and act from a place of greater ease and well-being. This informs, supports and enhances our daily life.

This graceful yet potent form of yoga is rooted in ancient tradition with its asanas (postures), pranayama (breath work), as well as restorative and relaxation techniques. It is practiced by people of all ages, abilities and fitness levels. Unique to Dru are the Energy Block Release sequences based on gentle flowing movements harmonized with directed breathing, visualizations & affirmations.

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Yasodhara Hatha yoga – Ruth Campbell

The focus of many Hatha Yoga classes is to increase strength and flexibility of the body. The Yasodhara Hatha yoga workshop is offered as a contemplative practice bringing relaxation into the body, mind and soul.

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Vipassana Meditation – Debra Ritchie

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Contemplative Christian Practice – Keri Wehlander

Combining silence, chanting, prayer and deep listening, our time together will draw upon Christian contemplative practices that are both ancient and new. All are welcome to this time of quieting minds and hearts into a place where reflection can bring insight and refreshment.

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Heart Focused Centering – Prema Harris

This simple and easily doable centering technique employs nothing but utilizing our exquisitely designed body to bring our whole system into coherence. By doing so, we find that among our other capacities, we become more resilient and our intuition is heightened. This opens the door for us to problem-solve more easily, and to be more readily attuned to promptings from our inner selves – promptings that can find expression through our art.

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First Nations Story Telling – David Seven Deers

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